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About Us 

At Wonder Jackson Films , we are a team of professionals with a solid formation in script writing, video production, and direction, camera, photography, sound, marketing, website design, and edition. We produce all types of audiovisual projects, striving to provide the best quality in each of our projects, from short films to corporate videos, online video marketing, multimedia content and documentaries production. With the latest technologies our creative experts work together to offer a comprehensive audiovisual solution to meet and exceed their needs and preferences, no matter how simple or complex the project may be. The excellence of our services relies on the valuable human capital of our staff in first place. Their dedication, professionalism and passion combined with their formal training, trajectory and the latest technological resources are reflected in the quality of our original videos.  

       About Caprio Jackson

­This may not come as a surprise for those who have worked with Caprio

­Jackson, but his work does speak for itself. Although overlooked by 

­choice he chose not to release much of his work until now. Why now you

may ask, well in his words "Timing is everything". Some call him the talented

­trifecta and anothers call him him a great entertainer, but if you ask him how he 

­feels, he will just say "Thanks for the compliment, I just love to be surround by 

­creative people". 

        ­****Learn more about Caprio Jackson on his Instagram feed ****­ 



Why Wonder Jackson Films? 

Because we love what we do, and we know how to do it. We are constantly learning about the latest trends when it comes to audiovisual production, and we keep adding the latest technologies that may help us maximize the results of all our productions. We take every project as a new challenge in which we put all our expertise and efforts.  

 We are constantly innovating, adding the latest technologies and following the emerging audiovisual trends.
 Comprehensive solutions
Wonder Jackson Films cover anything you may think of when it comes to audiovisual services. If you think you have a crazy idea you want to translate into a video, contact us, we will make it real.  
Customer service
 Our services are totally customer oriented. We devote our time and knowledge to understand our clients needs and meet them no matter what. We are available 24/7!

 Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.

 Sydney Pollack

 I think one of the privileges of being a filmmaker is the opportunity to remain a kind of perpetual student

 Edward Zwick

IG Testimonials 

"Capture the moments, Captivate your Fans and Capitalize from the Adventure" —Caprio Jackson